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Our Story


Stronger Together - Courageous As One


Team TBG is a group of courageous Breast Cancer survivors and previvors affectionately referred to as “The Breast Goddesses”- “TBG”. These are women warriors who aspire to rebuild and embrace their new body and want to prove how strong they are after battling surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Team TBG empowers and instills self-confidence in women who want to overcome their physical and emotional challenges by giving them the opportunity to get back out there and participate in fun and physical activities in a group setting and at their own pace. From Get-Togethers at the beach, to Stand Up Paddling events, Charity Walks, Fun Runs and Relay Triathlons - Team TBG wants these women to feel strong and beautiful in their new bodies and, in turn, positively inspire others who have been on a similar journey.



Dr. Tiffany B. Grunwald

Team TBG Founder: Tiffany B. Grunwald, MD, FACS

Division Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Saint John's Health Center

Breast cancer happens to healthy women. The most important part of breast reconstruction is restoring women to wellness.

The goal of reconstruction is more than just building breasts. It's to help women feel strong and beautiful, like a warrior - to help them love and trust their body again and to own the courage that got them through breast cancer treatment. Exercise is a great way to do that - There's the endorphin-produced feeling that “I am powerful and not only can I do anything… I can be better!”

This is the spirit of "The Breast Goddess" and Team TBG's reason for being!

We have a community of courageous, resilient and inspiring women rebuilding their strength and wellness through activity and new friendships – It’s Team TBG at its core.

With gratitude,